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Life Through Laces

Official Life Through Laces Logo Designed By: Albert Pickles

What Is Life Through Laces?

Life Through Laces is a subdivision of Mart’s Kicks that branches off and serves as a non-profit organization. Life Through Laces was established in 2020 and I have been building it throughout my senior year. The idea came to me through my independent study that I took this year with my InNOVAtion Lab teacher (Mr.) Gareth Hedit. Mr. Heidt has been able to connect me with successful business owners and founders of non-profit organizations, which steered me in the the right direction to start my own non-profit organization Life Through Laces.

Why Start Life Through Laces?

I started Life Through Laces to separate Mart’s Kicks from other ordinary custom sneaker businesses. Life Through Laces was created with the purpose to help less fortunate children and adults in need by providing them with comfortable, wearable, and durable custom sneakers. Custom painted one of a kind sneakers are provided to them instead of just normal ordinary shoes to make them feel special and truly cared for. Bringing a smile to people’s faces and helping people in need is just one mission of Life Through Laces, but is far the most important.

Future Goals For Life Through Laces?

Life Through Laces has a handful of goals that I have been working towards and striving to hit. Although Life Through Laces has the goal to help people in need the main goal for Life Though Laces is for it to become an online social platform that shares influential people’s life stories and important ideas. This website and the Life Through Laces pages in specifically are designed to serve as this platform where viewers will be able to come and view and hear interesting people and their powerful life stories. The way these stories will be shared will be through a podcast-like format. As the operator and founder of Life Through Laces I will reach out to inspiring people online with a small social media following and ask them if they would be willing to participate in an empathetic interview with me. The idea is to focus on getting influential people with smaller followers to give them a social platform on the web to share their powerful voices, inspiring stories, and creative ideas with the rest of the world. The intention is that through the important of storytelling it will allow guest speakers to build more connections with other viewers, an inspire viewers to get out of their comfort zone and start their own projects. These empathy interviews are conducted by me and then recorded by me and will be posted on the Life Through Laces page on the Mart’s Kicks website. Once the interview is recorded and completed I will then customize a pair of sneakers to be donated to my guest’s charity of choice. The guest and I will collab on the shoe by putting our ideas together to make a custom sneaker for a deserving person in need. The goal is that Life Through Laces will become an online community where people can visit to make connections and hear interesting stories from people that they wouldn’t get to hear from anywhere else.

Custom Filas Donated To The Gotwals Elementary School

This was the very first custom pair of sneakers that I donated to the Gotwals Elementary School for the holiday season of 2020. The shoe was actually helped paid for, completed with, and donated by Steven Hollingsworth (one of my really good friends.) With the help of Steven, this shoe was able to completed and ready for donation relatively quickly.

Custom Old Skool Vans Donated To The Gotwals Elementary School

This was my second pair of custom sneakers that I donated to the Gotwals Elementary School for the holiday season of 2020. This shoe was my first custom female shoe, and was designed for a hard working deserving student.

Me, Principle Ms. Jeanette Fernandez, and Steven Hollingsworth
Me, Principle Jeanette Fernandez, and my grandma Diane Milbourne

Posted above are just a couple of pictures of Steven, my grandma, and I meeting with Principal Fernandez of the Gotwals Elementary school to donate the custom sneakers and a couple other little gifts for deserving students.

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