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Frequently Asked Questions

“Will The Paint Wear Off The Shoe Overtime?”

No, the paint will pretty much stick onto the shoe as long as the shoe is worn gently and cared for. I apply an acrylic finisher to the finished shoe to protect the paint from cracking, chipping, pealing, and fading. However, if the shoe is worn every day, endures intense activities like sports, and is poorly cared for the paint will be more likely to peel off.

“Can I Clean The Shoe Without The Paint Rubbing Off?”

Yes, you can clean your custom shoe by using water and a little bit of soap on a damp rag. DO NOT run your custom painted sneaker through the washer or dryer because it will cause the paint to wear and crack. DO NOT use bleach to make the shoe whiter or any other cleaning chemicals as it may interact with the paint in a negative way.

“Can You Customize Any Type/Kind Of Shoe?”

Yes, I can customize and work with all kinds of shoes. The easiest materials to work with is canvas and leather, but I can customize other materials such as mesh, plastic, and rubber. Any kind of sneaker can be customized even cleats! Just be aware that more difficult sneakers will have a higher cost as more time and precise work will have to go into them.

“Do I Need To Have The Shoe For You To Customize?”

No, you do not need to have the shoe already owned for me to customize. Although, already having the shoe is prefered, but I have become more willing to order shoes that my customers want to have customized and buy as Mart’s Kicks continues to grow. As long as the money for the shoe and the artwork has been vemmoed to me and I know you are a serious buyer I will be more than happy to order and get shoes for customers. *It is important to note that the custom shoe orders will have a higher cost when I have to order a specific shoe. This is because the customer has to pay for the sneaker that I am ordering for them along with te custom art work I am doing on the shoe.

“How Much Do You Charge For A Custom Shoe?”

The prices of each one of a kind custom shoe that I complete really depends on what they of material I am working on, how much materials I am using, and the degree of difficulty of the design/concept that will be going on the shoe. I have painted custom shoes that people already had for 40$ to 120$, so it really just depends. As always feel free to ask questions about pricing and you thoughts on a show as I am always willing to work with my customers and make their ideas become a reality.

“How Long Will It Take You To Finish the Shoe?”

Its takes me about a week and a half to finish a custom shoe. This turnaround time can be extended if I am busy with other custom orders and my school work. If the turnaround time does need to be extended I will make sure to inform any customers. I try my best to get custom orders done soon as possible, but I will never rush or take short cuts on any customer order.

“Do Custom Shoes Hold Value?”

Yes, custom shoes do hold value as long as they are well kept and taken care of. I have seen custom sneakers resell for a lot of money depending on the quality of the shoe, the design of the shoe, and what kind of custom shoe in trending in the sneaker world.

“Do You Do Custom Shoe Giveaways?”

Yes, I will start doing custom shoe giveaways for my customers. All you have to do to enter the drawing is subscribe to the Mart’s Kicks website and make a small donation of 5$ and above to my non-profit organization Life Through Laces

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