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Let’s get in touch

If you are interested in working with me please reach out to me through my phone number, social medias, or my personal email. The best way to reach me for the fastest response is through text messaging me or direct messaging me on Instagram!

Phone Number: 484-942-4275

Or you can reach out to me through my social media accounts! Make sure to follow my social media accounts to be aware of what is happening in the Mart’s Kicks and Life Through Laces Community!

Placing a Custom Order?

You can place a custom order by using the form below. Please write a detailed description about what type of custom product would would like and how much money you are willing to spend in total. Thanks for reaching out!

Before You Go…

Id like to personally for visiting the official Mart’s Kicks and Life Through Laces website! If you have a moment please fill out the feed back from below to let me know who I can improve the website and the overall community. Thank you!

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