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About Me


Welcome! My name is Anthony Martinez and I am currently a high school senior at Perkiomen Valley High School. I have always been interested in wearable art and my first passion was graphic design. When I was a sophomore at Perkiomen Valley I took an Industrial Print Graphics design course and wanted to start my own screen printing business. However, due to my inexperience and the initial cost to start the T-shirt business it was just an idea that I could not make a reality. With my initial business idea falling through I decided to take an entrepreneurship themed elective offered at my High School my junior year. The class is called InNOVAtion Lab and it teaches students to think in an entrepreneurial mindset, recognize limitless opportunities, and pursue self motivated projects and businesses. InNOVAtion Lab was the birthplace of my custom shoe business Mart’s Kicks and I have been growing it ever since.

Philly Graffiti Themed High Top Old Skool Vans

Why Did I Start Mart’s Kicks?

I started Mart’s Kicks because designing and painting one of a kind sneakers is something that excites me and that I thoroughly enjoy. Starting this business was a way for me to share my artwork and creativity with my community and the rest of the online world. The business was started to allow not only mine, but other people’s ideas and imaginations come to life and end up on a real pair of custom shoes just for them. Mart’s Kicks is geared to allow customers to express themselves through custom footwear and other articles of clothing. The goal of this brand is to continue customizing sneakers, and eventually more articles of clothing, such as jackets, backpacks, jeans, shirts, etc… and other materials such as old records. Mart’s Kicks also has the goal to design and develop its own wearable signature shoe to represent the brands name. My vision for Mart’s Kicks is for it to become a well known street wear brand that sells its own signature shoes, custom articles of clothing, merchandise, and still offer one of a kind custom sneaker and clothing services for custom orders.

Stormy Sea Night Themed Record

Future Career Plans

I plan to attend a four year university and study footwear design. My goal is to graduate a four year program and become a sneaker designer at one of the major multinational corporations and sportswear manufactures such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Fila, etc… My intention is to eventually work my way up the totem pole and become a lead sneaker designer for professional athletes signature shoes. I also plan to continue growing the Mart’s Kicks Brand and the Life Through Laces non-profit organization as I work as a professional footwear designer and develop more connections in the footwear design world.

*Not My Design* Nike Basketball Footwear Design Concept

Contact Me

Phone Number: 484-942-4275

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